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The only thing is to assault the NEXUS so it's good to see so many skilled ppl working on this collab but I agree with Yumi repeated raiding clips can sometimes make people feel a little bit bored when watching it, u should add something else like the scene of Hank trying to heal himself is really good and the visual effect that gradually turned to red when he was injured has a very amazing sense of reality. Nice work!
I would like to give 4.5 overall cuz I saw some of u using my stuff but I only see one credit in Shephard's clip. Not forcing u guys to mention it once in every clip, but at least u can put the name at the end the animation.

KJtheguyyouknow responds:

I'm terribly sorry, I haven't got informed from the participants about whose sprites they've used. I mentioned your name on the desc on youtube but haven't updated it here. I'll be changing it asap

Cannot wait to see the final work!
The bgm in this trailer is very good, but the preset clips don’t seem to bring out its rhythm, I have no idea if u guys gonna use this music in final clips but if the answer is 'Yes' then I think maybe u should consider about it.

KJtheguyyouknow responds:

The trailer was made in haste xddd and the music's great but we won't be using this music
for the collab

>edit: On a second thought, yeah I actually might use this song as well

Can't wait to see the final works! It gonna be a very impressive animation :D
La noblesse, à tout prix

BotDon responds:

Thanks you very much !!!

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This is the most fantastic game ever played.
During climbing the tower a bunch of obstacles we faced, just like we tried to achieve our goal or dream in reality.
The music renders a VERY PERFECT atmosphere which let us imagine that the person who climbed the tower of Babel is actually ourselves.

I began to play this series since EBF3 and it really attracted me a lot from fantastic foes, interactive stuffs and etc. It pretty seems like final fantasy but in some aspects like shaping NPCs and boss design are much better than the former, I am madness combat maker so those things also gave me a lot of inspirations. man how did u to make doomsday's effect so fking good xD plz add more things which contain cosmic monolith's elements
For now, I've already completed almost achievements in EBF3~5 on steam version, every latest stuffs stimulate my interest to keep playing xD so plz continue to complete version 2.0 and make bigger progress matt ;p
If I can give a score above 10 I will definitely give this series 100( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Awesome ;p

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Really nice work!
This reminds me of the Demiurge from Persona, it’s very fascinating that trying to express some things from the myth(or smth else) in a mechanical form, and it also reminds me of some designs from the American gods, the combination of advanced technology and ancient stuff.

BrendonBauman responds:

Thank you so much!

toxic is so awesome uwu
Kyu my superwoman

This is very awesome! I have to say that your skills in colour selection and environmental description are very outstanding! The cloudburst from a high elevation really express some depressive feeling, which makes me feel like this sailing boat in the picture will be overturned by the sudden change of the waves. Nice work!

BrendonBauman responds:

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the story you are telling! The goal definitely was to show danger and unknown as the ship approaches the island :)

Behind the eyelids, a flickering flame.
Beneath the dream, a flickering sorrow.
Can peace find you in this sleep.
When all the world is tossed by war?

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